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Top Picks for Your 3D Laser Crystal


I just received the gift that I had purchased for my mom and dad's 60th anniversary and I absolutely love it. Thank you so much and especially for adding the dates on there at the last minute. It is going to mean so much to my parents and I can't wait to show them.

Debbi, SC

Debbi, SC
I just received my order #6975. 

I am soooooo happy and amazed and delighted by what you've done! THANK YOU! I came SO much more quickly than I thought possible, and it is SO much more amazing and beautiful than I could even imagine! I have never gotten a more perfect gift for anyone in my life, and this could NOT be better!!!

I bought this gift for the paramedic who revived my husband back from death last year when my husband had a cardiac arrest here at home (I did CPR until they got here). This photo is of my husband, Jeremy (the paramedic) and me the week after the incident. The "award" is a thank you to Jeremy with whom my husband and I have grown close. I know he will cry like I did when he sees it! He was so proud when the fire department gave him an accommodation for his actions that night, but it was a mere piece of paper. I wanted to give him something much more special! And my new 3D laser gift is more than PERFECT!!! 

I can't wait until Jeremy is back on duty this weekend so we can take it to him.

Thank you so much for such an incredibly perfect piece!

Happy Holidays!

Wendy A, OH