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People love the personalized photo crystals that they’ve gotten from Read what our customers are saying about how easy it was to order, and how great the 3D Photo Crystal looks in their home!

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Dear 3D Laser Gifts,

I am so happy I found you. This summer we had a family reunion at our ranch in South Dakota. No one lives on it anymore as it's toohard to get in and out of, especially in the winter. We had decided to teardown the old house but wanted to capture it somehow. After coming across yourcompany online, I uploaded a photo of the house and chose what I wanted. Iended up getting a 3D crystal for each of the families coming. I was so happy whenthey arrived. The colored base made it look like the house was glowing withwarmth as I remembered it from my childhood. What a tearjerker day it was whenwe gave them out but now we not only can carry the memories in our hearts butalso see it in front of us no matter where we are. Thank you again and again.


Deadwood, SD

To whom it may concern,

Two months ago I was put in charge of my company's annual retreat. One of the tasks given was to provide a commemorative item. I had a neighbor suggest etched crystals. She had bought one from you and I thought it looked great. To shorten the story, wow! We ended up using a group shot photo from the retreat and personalized them with each person's name. Everyone LOVED them. Not only did you make me an office hero, you have now made it easier for the next coordinator as it's decided, we're coming to you again. Thank you!


Boston, MA

Thank you so, so much for all of your help. My son graduated from the Marine Security Guard school this past Spring. I was trying to find some way to memorialize the occasion and came across your company. I cannot say strongly enough how pleased we are with our beautiful crystal. I'm sure we'll be passing it down through the generations and of course, when another special occasion comes up, I know where go. Thank you again Tim.


Ephrata, WA