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People love the personalized photo crystals that they’ve gotten from Read what our customers are saying about how easy it was to order, and how great the 3D Photo Crystal looks in their home!

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I just received my order #6975.

I am soooooo happy and amazed and delighted by what you've done! THANK YOU! I came SO much more quickly than I thought possible, and it is SO much more amazing and beautiful than I could even imagine! I have never gotten a more perfect gift for anyone in my life, and this could NOT be better!!!

I bought this gift for the paramedic who revived my husband back from death last year when my husband had a cardiac arrest here at home (I did CPR until they got here). This photo is of my husband, Jeremy (the paramedic) and me the week after the incident. The "award" is a thank you to Jeremy with whom my husband and I have grown close. I know he will cry like I did when he sees it! He was so proud when the fire department gave him an accommodation for his actions that night, but it was a mere piece of paper. I wanted to give him something much more special! And my new 3D laser gift is more than PERFECT!!!

I can't wait until Jeremy is back on duty this weekend so we can take it to him.

Thank you so much for such an incredibly perfect piece!

Happy Holidays!

Wendy A



Hi Maureen,

I completed the satisfaction survey as requested but missed my opportunity to elaborate on my review so I thought I would do so personally via e-mail.

I just wanted to say that the product arrived expeditiously and was as beautiful a keepsake of our memories as was anticipated. I highly recommend the Prestige crystal I chose, particularly for an anniversary as was my case. Crystal is the traditional material for a fifteenth anniversary and the Prestige provides so many reflective surfaces to emphasize the 3-dimensional effect. I also strongly recommend the light base as essential as it further transforms a 2-dimensional picture into the captured 3D experience and brings it to life again. Thank you for preserving this memory for us!





I was searching for a great gift for my wife for our 30th wedding anniversary when I found this site through a search engine.

Simply put, this is one of the most unique and fantastic gifts I've been able to give to anyone for any occasion. I didn't want jewelry, a picture frame, etc. and found the perfect gift right here with the heart shaped 3D image.

Now that it's arrived, it's looks even better than I imagined. The engraving is exactly like the picture I submitted and the lighted base makes it even more spectacular. The picture even had some background clutter that I asked not be in the crystal glass and it was taken out without affecting the quality of our picture in any way.



Dexter, KS

just received the package containing the Laser Art of my wife's image and I am very very pleased with the result and I really love the base. My son was able to see it before I ship it off to Switzerland and he thought it was beautiful. Thank you so much for working with me to perfect this design and many thanks to the designer(s) and your manager.

Richard D