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10 Excellent Day Trip Ideas for Father’s Day

Does Dad already have everything and is he impossible to buy for? We’ve come up with some amazing action packed day trip ideas that will help you celebrate Father’s Day even if he isn’t easy to buy for. We think that Dad will appreciate making special memories this year, and after lockdown hitting us hard, we’d appreciate a day out too. Please remember to follow local social distancing guidelines and stay safe!

A day-trip can give you the break away from normality that we all need from time to time. Father’s Day is great time to take advantage of the (hopefully) better weather and explore your local area! When you’ve finished making memories, we can even help you to memorialize them with one of our custom 3D crystal photos! Check out our complete range here!

After what has been a very rough year for a lot of people, things are finally easing up which will allow more of us to get out and about this year. In this post, we’ve come up with some excellent travel selections you can make the most of locally! The best part is spending quality time with the family makes an amazing Father’s Day gift!

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  1. Enjoy a National Park From The Safety Of Your Vehicle 

3D Laser Gifts Blog National Park Drive

Our country is full of some of the world’s best National Parks, and Father’s Day is a great time to take advantage of that. Not the hiking type? These beloved national parks make a perfect drive, so you can enjoy the wonder of our nation without having to worry about crowds or physical limitations! 

  1. Father’s Day At the Museum

3D Laser Gifts Blog Museum Father and Daughter

Museums don’t get enough credit for their fun and educational exhibits. Dad’s who love learning and finding new interests will love spending a day with the family at the museum, the exhibits change frequently so you never quite know just what you’ll stumble in to this time! Check out some museums make traveling worth it in this article.

  1. Take Him on a Bicycling Adventure

3D Laser Gifts Blog Bicycling Adventure Father's Day

The great thing with bicycling is you can go at your own pace. That makes a day at the local bike path an excellent Father’s Day idea for Dad’s trying to stay fit or those just getting back into exercise. The whole family can enjoy the outdoors and you can even pack a picnic to munch when you reach your destination.

  1. Devour Delicious Ice Cream

3D Laser Gifts Blog Father's Day Ice Cream Shop

One of the great things about summer is that all the best local ice cream spots open back up! Enjoy ice cream with the whole family this Father’s Day and check out the most sought-after cones in your state!

  1. Bask in Sandy Sunshine at the Beach

3D Laser Gifts Beach Dad

Are you looking for a family outing everyone will love? Check out your local beach for the perfect way to spend Father’s Day. Make sure to pack some of his favorite treats and don’t forget the sunscreen!

  1. Visit a Nostalgic Location

3D Laser Gifts Father Son Sitting on the Pier Dock Tradition

While traveling to new places can be amazing, sometimes it’s a treat to rediscover somewhere held dear. Most people have a couple of locations from their past that they think of wistfully. Take full advantage of that this Father’s Day, and make new memories at a nostalgic location. Don’t forget your camera!

  1. Adventure on the Water in a Kayak

3D Laser Gifts Blog Kayaking with Dad

This one is for the more adventurous Dad’s out there! Have a look at these wonderful kayaking opportunities and take advantage of nature this Father’s Day. He’s sure to love every second!

  1. Spend the Day Thrill Seeking at an Amusement Park

3D Laser Gifts Blog Theme Park Family Trip

With lockdown restrictions finally easing, amusement parks are beginning to open again. This presents the perfect opportunity to take Dad on his favorite rollercoaster and enjoy amusement park food. These theme parks are the best in the States and never fail to disappoint! As always, please respect your local COVID guidelines and social distancing policies.

  1. Take Him Horseback Riding

3D Laser Gifts Blog Horseback Riding Father Son

Trying to make this year a Father’s Day to remember? Check our your local stable for options on horse riding lessons and surprise him with a creative gift he won’t be expecting. A perfect way to get out into nature and spend time with some magnificent horses.

  1. A Spooktacular Surprise Haunting

3D Laser Gifts Blog Bigfoot Search Father's Day

Looking for something a little more unusual? Trying to find the perfect thing for a Dad that loves all things spooky and creepy? Take the whole family on a day trip to a historical location, packed with ghosts and spooky tails, it’ll be a Father’s Day he doesn’t soon forget!

We hope you got some great ideas for day trips this Father’s Day! Hopefully you’ll create memories that will be treasured for years to come. If you’re still looking for ideas, check out the rest of our blog here!

Father’s Day might not be complete without a present. This year, help Dad remember some of his best times with one of our custom 3D crystal portraits. These life-like representations can remind Dad just how much you love him, all year round! You can customize the shape and even add a light up base!

If you have any questions or need help customizing the perfect engraved treasure, please reach out to our team who will be thrilled to help you. Thanks for reading and Happy Father’s Day!

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