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10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Mom’s Who Have It All

Have you been looking around trying to find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day? Does she already seem to have everything she could ever want, and you don’t want to just add anotherthing to the pile? We’ve spent hours scouring the internet for the best in off-the-beaten-track ideas that will show how just how much care and attention you’ve put into her Mother’s Day gift this year.


As much as we all love our Mom’s, we know just how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift. Years of Mother’s Day presents quickly add up and it can be hard to find something she’ll love, but that she doesn’t already have at home. If you missed our last Mother’s Day post, you can check it outhere. But now, on to the gift ideas!


1. A Terrarium Style Candle

    3D Laser Gifts Terrarium Candle

    This adorable candle is hand-poured soy & paraffin wax, giving it a great burning time. Although we doubt Mom would want to burn it given just how cute they are. The smell of pine and vanilla (cactus) and jasmine and white tea (poppy) and are hand poured, how sweet is that?


    2. Actual Handwriting Bracelet

      3D Laser Gifts Handwritten Bracelet

      The great thing about this bracelet is just how much you can personalize it. You can add a custom message, choose between gold, silver & rose gold but the best thing is you can even use actual handwriting! Immortalize a message of love this Mother’s Day, for a gift she definitely will not have!


      3. A Pollinator Garden Gift Set

        3D Laser Gifts Pollinator Gift Set

        Does your Mom love to garden? So many gardeners these day are rightly concerned about the declining bee population on our planet. Show her you care about her and her concerns with one of these garden gift boxes. They contain 6 varieties of seeds that bees love, and comes will everything Mom needs to start growing them. They also come from a small farm, to help the planet even more!


        4. A Personalized 3D Crystal Portrait Photo

        Here at 3D Laser Gifts we pride ourselves on our ultra-clear crystal portraits. We use the latest in laser engraving technology to ensure each and every unique and original photo is recreated with a perfect likeness. You can choose the shape, size and even a light up color base, to completely customize this unique and thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift! Right now, we even have 35% off our Mother’s Day range! You can choose her favorite photo and be sure she doesn’t have one of these beautiful and unique gifts!


        5. A Hand-written Recipe Platter

          3D Laser Gifts Handwritten Recipe

          Most families have a secret family recipe that has been passed down through generations. The problem is, they are so often written on a piece of card that has seen better days! Stains and smudges can make those valuable recipes indecipherable. With this engraved recipe platter, the family food legacy can be protected! Stylish and unique, we can be fairly certain Mom doesn’t already have one in her kitchen!


          6. A Stunning Initial & Birthstone Necklace

            3D Laser Gifts Birthstone and Initial Necklace

            Most Mom’s we know have accumulated a lot of jewelry over the years. But this necklace is different, as you can personalize it with both the initials of family members, but also her birthstone. Give her a gift that she can show off wherever she is!


            7. A Heart-Shaped Hoya

              3D Laser Gifts Heart Hoya

              This adorable hoya will show Mom just how much you love her! It’s literally heart shaped! She can help it grow, just like she did with you, and this little plant is definitely easier to care for!


              8. Mommy & Me Matching Bracelets

                3D Laser Gifts Matching Bracelets

                This adorable bracelet set is perfect for the Mom that used to dress up in matching Mommy & Me outfits! While we may grow out of wearing matching outfits, this bracelet will act as a grown-up friendship bracelet, showing Mom just how much you love her, so much you want to wear it forever!


                9. A Cherry Blossom Bouquet Pop-Up Card

                3D Laser Gifts Cherry Blossom Bouquet

                This striking pop-up card will act as a long-lasting centerpiece! While we all love flowers, we know that they don’t last forever, while this stunning cherry blossom card will never die so Mom can look on it fondly for a long time to come.


                10. A Classy Rose Gold Hair Tool

                  3D Laser Gifts Foxybae Rose Gold

                  While Mommay have everything, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have something that needs upgrading. Help her care for her hair and get a sleek new look with these gorgeous rose gold styling tools. Elegant and top of the range, they will both look great on her vanity, and give her the good hair day she deserves.


                  Thank you for reading our blog on 10 great and unique gift ideas for Mother’s Day! You can check out our last post here, and we hope we’ve given you some great ideas! As always, we’re here for you at with any questions you may have about our stunning 3D crystal glass photos! Have a great day!

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