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10 Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas For The Man Who Has It All

I know Halloween is still peeking its’ spooky head around the corner, but as the leaves change and begin to fall my mind can’t help but fall into cosy Christmas mode! After a few uncertain years in the wake of the pandemic, many of us are hoping to actually get some in-person time with our families this year! While that’s a beautiful thing to look forward to, I can’t help but think it increases the pressure to find exactly the right gift for everyone involved!

If like me, the main man in your life, be he a spouse, your Dad, a brother or even loveable Uncle Mike, is impossible to buy for, we’ve scoured the internet for the best gift ideas for the man who just has it all! Now unlike other blogs, we’re looking at a full range of budgets and tastes with our ideas in this blog, so please keep reading for great ideas you won’t find anywhere else!

Is today your first time with us? If so, welcome! We’re so happy to have you join our 3D Laser Gifts blog family! There are so many other amazing gift ideas, fit for birthdays to Christenings to just because! You can check all our previous posts out! But now, let’s sprinkle a dash of Christmas spirit (a pour a glass if you’re so inclined) and have a look at the ideas! 

1. A FoxyBae Mini Travel Hair Dryer

hairdryer for men mini travel mens gift present ideas christmas birthday perfect ideal best secret santa

I know my spouse tends to just roll out of bed and into the shower without having to worry about finding the time to dry his hair, but as the colder months close in, leaving the house with wet tresses just becomes less and less desirable. With this mini travel hair dryer from top-rated brand FoxyBae, he doesn’t need to sacrifice vital space in his bathroom! It still has a high powered motor to dry his locks in super quick time, so he doesn’t need to brave the colder weather with frozen locks! It’s also perfect for traveling! 

2. A Handsome Engraved Decanter Set

crystal decanter set wine whisky whiskey liquor gift present christmas birthday personalized

I know I’ve fallen back on the old reliable bottle of something nice as a last minute Christmas gift more times than I care to admit, but this gift takes that idea to the next level! With an engraved glass decanter set you can add a touch of class to his home bar! Ask him to pour us one too, would you?

3. A Beautifully Crafted Chess Set

chess set queen's gambit men women gift present christmas birthday perfect ideal secret santa

I know we weren’t the only ones who got embroiled in The Queen’s Gambit this year! No matter if the man in your life is a chess grandmaster or a novice, he will still appreciate the beauty of a well crafted chess set. There are so many options out there now that you can fit any style or budget! For an ultra modern take on the traditional game, there’s even laser chess, perfect for someone with high-tech preferences or someone wanting to try something new!

4. A Perfect Laser Engraved Glass Portrait 

3d laser gifts crystal glass engraved portrait family photo gift present christmas love fiancé wedding girlfriend boyfriend perfect

Using the most advanced cutting edge technology, here at we can engrave your picture into beautiful crystal glass. This creates an amazing 3D portrait that has to be seen to be believed! Does the guy in your life already have everything? With a 3D Crystal Glass Portrait you can be sure to buy him something he doesn’t have, and something he will treasure forever!

You can choose from a selection of shapes and even add a light up base to give your gift that extra wow factor! Our laser engraved pictures come in a beautiful display box, so you don’t even have to worry about wrapping his gift this year! We can accommodate pictures with up to 6 people, so from a cute engagement picture to a family portrait, at we can help make this Christmas one to remember!

5. A Set of Hygienic and Masculine Nail Tools

mens manicure set hygiene hygienic health care beauty nails gifts present mens christmas birthday masculine

Now we know that not every man would be up for a trip to the nail salon, but that doesn’t mean he has to sport tattered and bitten nails! More and more companies are producing mens hygiene gifts, especially at this time of year! We love the rugged look of the set from Tweezerman, and you can even have some of the items engraved!

6. A Digital Subscription To His Favorite Magazine

magazine subscription gift present iPad gift digital newspaper christmas birthday

Just because his favorite magazine has gone digital, that doesn’t mean he can’t still enjoy it! With multiple digital options, Magazine Line offers all his favorite publications without worrying about ink stains or paper cuts! Perfect for someone who endures a subway commute or just enjoys not having to worry about the recycling!

7. A Magnetic Wrist Band For DIY Enthusiasts

dit mens men gift handy tools present christmas husband boyfriend birthday fiancé wedding

The problem with DIY hobbies is that people can be very particular about what kind of tools they use. It can be a minefield to navigate exactly what tools they would like, let alone what they need! With a magnetic wrist band, you can add a really handy (pardon the pun) piece of kit to his arsenal without worrying if the battery will be compatible! They sport magnets inside a wrist band to hold those screws that we just know we’re going to stand on otherwise!

8. A 3D Crystal Bottle Stopper

3d laser gifts engraved crystal glass picture portrait photo family boyfriend girlfriend husband fiancé wedding christmas birthday

Men are often touted as not being quite as sentimental as women. While this obviously isn’t always the case, he might not be one for photos on the wall! With one of our beautiful 3D crystal bottle stoppers, you can give him a thoughtful and personal gift without the expectation that he needs to display it for all to see. 

Pair one of our bottle stoppers with a nice bottle of vino and you can give him a gift that will always make him smile, while also remaining very practical and unique! They can fit 1-3 people in the picture, giving you lots of flexibility to find that perfect picture and knock his socks off this Christmas!

9. His Favorite Series In Lego Set Format

lego gift christmas men mens present boyfriend girlfriend fiancé fun toy unique

Do you remember how much fun it was to build Lego when you were younger? Aside from the infinite pain of stepping on a stray brick, Lego remains a great toy and really is suitable for all ages! Whether he’s a Star Wars fan, a Marvel fan or fan or classic vehicles, there is a Lego set for everyone! Our favorites include the iconic Volkswagen Camper Van and Adidas Original Sneakers!

10. A Beautiful Bouquet of Flowers!

men flowers bouquet gift christmas unique unusual

Okay, hear me out.. a recent study found that over 70% of men would feel appreciated if they received a surprise bunch of flowers! And yet only 34% of women think to buy their guy flowers! We know this isn’t a gift for everyone, but it’s also a gift that can support local businesses and one you won’t need to worry about him getting 2 of! And even if he does, who ever complains that they’ve got too many flowers?!

Thank you so much for checking in with us and reading our 10 Christmas gift ideas for the man that has it all! While we think we found the best ideas out there, but if you’re still stuck for that perfect gift, please check out our previous blog posts here!

As always, I’m signing off for now, but everyone here at is here to answer any questions you may have about our products! If you’re struggling with what photo to pick or don’t know which shape crystal to choose for that perfect Christmas present, our team are ready and happy to help you with anything they can! Until next time!

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