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5 Meaningful Ways to Help Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Every year in the United States we celebrate our ancestors and relations with Hispanic Heritage Month. This year is no different so we’ve put this blog post together to help you find a meaningful and beautiful gift to help all your loved ones celebrate.

If you’ve spent time with us before, you know to check out our previous blog posts that are chock packed full of beautiful, unique and down right amazing ideas! If not, please check them out here! There’s something for every occasion and every budget!

Now, let’s get started with our meaningful look at gifts perfect for Hispanic Heritage Month!

1. Enjoy Coffee from a Latino Country

people smiling and laughing enjoying a cup of coffee

Puerto Rico exports some of the finest coffee beans in the world! First introduced to the country in 1736 by Spanish colonial rule, Puerto Rico now produces around 14,000 tonnes per year! Most of this is enjoyed by locals and only 2.8% (or 400 tonnes) is exported each year. You can support local growers and enjoy a beautiful cup of joe by buying a bag of smooth and sweet Puerto Rican coffee! It makes a perfect gift for any who needs an extra boost to get started in the morning, or just enjoys the taste of a creamy cup of coffee. Our favorite brands include Del Patio Coffee and El Coqui Coffee!

2. Gift A Family Portrait Crafted from Crystal

3D laser cut engraved glass crystal photograph portrait picture family

Are you looking to celebrate your heritage and give a beautiful gift that will instantly become a family treasure? With our stunning selection of 3D laser cut crystal photographs, you can elevate any picture into an elegant crystal keepsake.

All you have to do is choose the picture you want to immortalize in this highest quality glass crystal, select the shape and size and let us work our magic! We can even help with helping you select the perfect photo or cleaning up the background to make the picture even more perfect. We offer a selection of light up bases to perfectly fit your crystal and illuminate your creation, making it a truly spectacular centre piece!

3. Support Ethically Created & Handmade Homewares

hispanic artisan creator workshop man crafts unique ethical is a wonderful website chock full of beautiful creations straight from Peruvian artists. They have a huge selection of items from homewares to toys, and the website is 100% owned and operated by Peruvian Artisans. A great way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month and buy a truly unique gift!

4. Cook an Authentic or Hispanic Inspired Meal

family cooking together three generations recipe meal mealtime happy food sharing love

Nothing quite says celebration like having loved ones over for a home cooked meal. Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month together and invite family and friends to bring a cherished dish from family recipes. Now we know that not every family passes dishes down but the internet has your back! No matter what your preferences, there are countless options when it comes to cooking! Want a vegan Mexican dish, no problem! How about a keto Cuban option? Again, finding a recipe is so easy we think it’s harder to decide what you want to cook! 

5. Share a Mexican Bottle of Tequila

friends sharing tequila drink happy hour smiling celebrate celebrating

I don’t know about you, but I love a nice tequila every now and then. When you pair that bitterness of lemon, salt and the peppery sweetness that comes from tequila, my tastebuds just explode! Even if a shot of tequila is too much for your taste, we can probably all agree there are few things better than an iced cold margarita on a warm day! There are many Mexican tequila companies so it’s easy to support a Mexican-owned company and share a lovely bottle at the same time! I’ll salt the rims if you pour the drinks!

Thank you for helping us celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. We know how important this is to so many of you out there and we want to thank you from everyone here at for taking time to check out our blog! As always, we’ll be back soon with more inspired ideas for your next celebration and in the meantime, we’re always ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have about the top of line technology we employ to create your beautiful crystal keepsakes!

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Mary Rogers

Mary Rogers

July 10, 2023

Great to see all the detail great information about the Hispanic culture. Very well displayed for all other cultures to understand and to learn from. Thanks.

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