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Fur Baby Approved Gifts for the Dog Lover in Your Life

It’s practically impossible to not like dogs, right? Those adorable wagging tails and wet noses just seem to be able to burrow straight into our hearts. Bearing that in mind makes shopping for a present for a dog lover even easier! Remember the way to their hearts often has four paws and fluffy ears.

For this post I’ve scoured the internet to find the absolutely sweetest and most creative gifts that any dog lover will appreciate. My own dog Crumpet has helped with these selections, so with a woof and a wag, we’re sending them your way. 

Last time we looked at great gift ideas for a Late Valentine’s Day gift. Check that out here!(link to last post) Now... On to the doggos!


Coordinating BFF Friendship Bracelets That Match Your Dog’s Collar

So I don’t know about you, but no matter how close my friends & I are, it’ll never top my relationship with my dog. He always keeps that top spot in my heart, and now I can sport a matching friendship bracelet on my wrist, to show the world how much he means to me. This absolutely adorablematching collar and bracelet set is the perfect way to show off your unique and lasting bond with your pet. And best of all, right now (March 2021) your purchase will help provide food to hungry shelter animals! Stylish & charitable!


Charming 3D Crystal Keepsake of your Cherished Companion

3D Crystal Diamond

Few things are as important to people as their pets. The great thing about one of our stunning 3D Laser Cut Crystal Keepsakes is the ability to pick the perfect pet picture and have it lovingly encased forever in glass! Our great selection of shapes and sizes lets you pick out the best way to display your four legged friend for all to see. The superb quality of our photos etched in glass just enhances the loving expression on your pets face!
Even better, with our custom picture gifts you can choose a light base to illuminate your pup even more! Make sure they shine as they take pride of place on your mantle, as well as in your heart.


Dog Grooming Gift Card

Dog Grooming


We can do all in our power to keep our pups clean, but watching them play fetch in the park can still lead to those muddy paw prints. Help spare your favorite dog owner’s floors by surprising them with a gift card for a local dog groomer! Both them & their floors are sure to thank you!


A Travel-Friendly Doggy Water Bowl

Dog Bowl

If you have friends that are, like me, inseparable from their best doggy friend, check out this article highlighting some of the best travel-friendly water bowls. Being able to take their beloved pet with them is sure you earn you brownie points for a very thoughtful gift.


A Personalized Dog Breed Necklace

Dog Breed Necklace

As much as I’d like to, I can’t bring my dog everywhere with me. When I’m away from home, even if it’s only for a few days, I definitely miss my canine companion. If you know someone like this, check out these adorable dog breed necklaces that you can even personalize with the name of their pup! The perfect gift to remind us who’s waiting for us when we get home!


Make Your Own Human Safe Doggie Treats

Dog Treats 

Hands up who’s seen one of those lovingly created gourmet dog treats and thought, “That looks almost good enough to eat!”? With this excellent recipe you can spoil both human and pupper alike, or even better (in my humble opinion at least) feed one to the dog, then pop one in your mouth to the shock & horror of all watching! Bring April Fool’s Day forward this year, we could all do with a laugh!


A Pawsitivly Hysterical Dog Costume

Dog Costume

In these current times of upheaval and crisis, we could all do with more laughter in our lives. Help make your friend and all around them chuckle, with one of these adorable and hilarious doggie costumes.


Puzzling Playtime Toys for Puppies!

Dog Toys

Anyone who’s owned a pet knows how vital playtime is for a dog’s health and mental wellbeing. For something a little different from the usual chew toys, check out these unique and engaging puzzles for puppies that will not only help keep them entertained, but will also give you something new to watch when you’ve finished the last episode of Bridgeton!


Banish Fur With These Vacuum Attachments

Dog Vacuum

Even the most fastidious pet fanatic can admit that they don’t always manage to get all that dog hair off the sofa. Even though their beloved dog isn’t meant to be sat there! Check out a more practical gift with these dog grooming attachments that can make shedding season sail by!


Light Up Collar for Night Time Walkies


In these days of social distancing, we don’t want to be racing up to a group of people because Rover has gone rogue again! A light-up collar or leash lightcan really help keep track of their location. Even though Spring is right around the corner, we’re not out of the dark just yet!


Refillable Doggie Do-Do Waste Bags

All dog owners have been there. Fido was desperate to get out for a walk the second he heard the keys in the door. You make a quick dash for his leash and are 2 blocks away before you realize you’ve forgotten his poopy pick up bags! With one of these refillable dispensers you can keep the waste bags handy on a key chain or bag! And they’re so darned adorable that no-one will ever guess what’s inside!



Thanks for checking out our guide to the best four-legged friend approved gifts! Here we’re here to guide you with gift-getting. Our fantastic team are always here to help, so please drop us a line if you have any questions! See you next time!

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