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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Her

Decorations are popping up in stores, lights are being hung and eggs are being nogged.. wait that doesn’t sound right! Wine is being mulled.. there, much better! Christmas is looming it’s festive face again and our thoughts have turned to how to spoil the ladies in our lives!

With luxury being the name of the game in this blog post, we’re going to explore some amazing luxurious gift ideas for the women in your life! I’ve tried to explore a nice range of ideas and budgets with this blog, so please keep on reading for our ultimate present ideas!

If you’re new here and haven’t checked out our previous posts, you can do so here! We have gift ideas for every occasion, so even if you’re curious about Easter gifts for next year, we thoroughly recommend checking it out! All done? Great! Now, bring me the luxury!

1. A Serene Spa Day

lady woman massage spa facial pamper luxury gift christmas idea ideas present

There are few things in life I love more than being thoroughly pampered from head to toe. There’s also something about a white spa bathrobe that screams luxury and instantly makes me feel 10 years younger! So let’s kick of the luxury gift ideas with a spa day! Whether she wants a facial, a hot stone massage or even enjoys sinking into a bath of warm clay, a spa day is the perfect way to show her you care about her wellbeing! She will definitely thank you for this one!

2. A Selection of Lush Bath Treats

bath bomb bath bomb lush soap gift idea ideas christmas lady her women girl relax

If the budget doesn’t stretch to a spa day or she just simply doesn’t like leaving the house to be pampered, a great alternative is some delicious smelling bath treats from Lush! They have gift sets that go all the way from $15.95 - $299.95 but you can also pick out individual treats specially for her!

3. A Beautifully Scented Fragrance

lady woman girl perfume gift gifts ideas christmas birthday present luxury

Fragrance is always a popular gift this time of year, and with good reason! Even if I’m not feeling my best, a spritz of perfume can take me from feeling drab to feeling fab! A simple luxury that everyone deserves is feeling good about themselves! Our favorite fragrances this year include Gucci Bloom, Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent and the classic Chanel No. 5.

4. A Bottle of Something Fizzy

champagne prosecco christmas fizzy wine gift idea ideas present birthday celebrate

There is nothing in this world that feels quite as fancy and luxurious as a fizzing glass of freshly poured, chilled champagne. I always go back to Moet & Chandon as my favorite, but a nice bottle of sparkling Prosecco does the job just as well! 

5. A Unique Crystal Laser Engraved 3D Portrait

3dlasergifts 3d crystal glass etched laser engraved picture portrait photo christmas gift present idea ideas

If her taste is more crystal than Cristal, you can make her year with a lovingly crafted 3D engraved portrait. Here at we use the absolute latest in cutting edge technology to finely etch the best quality crystal glass with millions of tiny inclusions to create the perfect portrait. Our crystals can accommodate up to 8 people so a whole family portrait is not out of the question! 

Unsure what picture would work? Our experts are ready and happy to help you decide what would look best to ensure that all her Christmas wishes are granted! They can even offer advice about which shape crystal would be the best for your portrait! From a romantic engagement photo in a heart-shaped crystal to a school reunion photo on our largest rectangle crystal, we’re happy to offer advice and suggestions!

Our crystals even come with the option of a light up base and are all beautifully presented in a gift box! They definitely make a gift she will never forget.

6. A Collection of High-End Make Up Brushes

lady woman girl make up brush set beauty gift gifts christmas idea ideas present

Have her makeup brushes seen better days? Is she dying to try out the latest look for the office Christmas party, but her application makes it fall flat? With one of these high-end brush sets, you can help her achieve the latest in beauty trends from the comfort of her own home.

7. A Fancy Pair of Dancing Shoes

woman lady ladies girl shoes high heels christmas gift present idea ideas fancy luxury top end designer

There’s a well known idea that all women can never have enough shoes! Marilyn Monroe said “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” and that is a statement we definitely agree with! 

8. The Ultimate in Good Hair Days, No Matter Her Style

FoxyBae hair foxy bae babe girl ladies women hair tools style styling good hair day christmas idea ideas gift present

With this amazing collection of pro-grade rose gold titanium tools from FoxyBae, you can instantly upgrade her hair game! The collection includes a blow dryer, flat iron, 75mm blowout brush and 7-in-1 curling wand so no matter how she wants to do her hair, she has the tool to achieve it! We also adore their Cool AF Heat Protection spray, not only does it smell amazing, but it’s great for protecting her hair and ensuring it stays in tip-top condition!

9. A Cashmere Robe

lady ladies woman women girl girls robe cashmere beauty gift gifts ideas idea christmas present birthday

Now I know I already waxed lyrical about the wonders of a white spa robe, but add cashmere to the mix and I’m going to write an epic novel! Not only is cashmere the most luxurious fabric in the world, but it’s so well insulating it can retain 8 times the heat of regular wool! 

10. A Set of Silk Sheets

lady ladies women woman girl girls sleep silk sheets bedsheets sheet gift idea ideas christmas birthday present

Silk pillowcases have happened in a really big way over the last few years for anyone concerned with hair health and premature ageing! Up her sheet game with a full set of silk and not only will she wake up looking younger, she will feel younger from an amazing nights sleep being shrouded in luxury! 


Thank you so much for reading our guide to the most sumptuous gifts for her this Christmas. We really hope you got some amazing ideas and that your gift is a hit! 

Still have people to check off your list? Check out our other blog posts here for even more ideas this Holiday season! Thank you for reading and we really hope to see you again next time! Until then, stay warm and safe and don’t forget to reach out for any crystal questions!

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