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Rectangle Keychain

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Here at 3D Laser Gifts, we find that following these guidelines, will help for making a great crystal:


Some notes to help you customize the perfect crystal:

  • File format : .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .TIFF, .BMP, .GIF

  • File size : 150kb - 5MB (better quality image = better quality product)

  • Note that in all products except our 2D FLAT shapes and wood photos-  image background is removed to enhance the 3D effect.

We accept both black and white images, as well as color images.

We have found that images taken in normal daylight work best (vs night time or dark lit areas)

Background is removed from  images for 3D crystals since it causes the design within the image to lose it's 3D affect. If you would like to purchase a crystal with a background etched inside, please search for "FLAT" crystals. These 2D crystals are designed to have the background etched or removed in the crystal.


If at any moment, you are unsure about the image you want to use, please email the image to - our support team will be happy to help you!


Multiple images can be engraved into one crystal, just use the "Add More" button when uploading your images. Note that images are automatically attributed to the number of crystals you order. For example, if you select a quantity of three crystals, and add three images, all three images, will go on all three crystals that you order.

To create multiple crystals each with one image, please only add one image and select quantity of one. Then go back, and customize your next crystal.


We recommend 40 characters per crystal for your engraved message, or text.

Also, try and limit that to 30 characters, or less for a smaller crystal. It works the same way with larger crystal, which allows a bit more characters. For messages with more than 40 characters, please put your

message in the special instructions section. If you are doing this on a smaller piece, please note that the font of the text will be smaller, in order to fit all the text on asmaller piece.



Adding a LED light base enhances the 3D engraving effect and crystal text.

Though the base is not mandatory, it's recommended to fully accentuate the crystal image.




The key to a great gift is making it personal. The Personalized Key Chain from 3D Laser Gifts does just that by allowing you to customize this perfectly practical tool with your favorite photo. Durably constructed to last as long as your cherished memories, the Personalized Key Chain makes a great stocking stuffer or housewarming gift. This is a 2D Design keychain that make great keepsakes. Our designers do their best to design your image to best suit the keychain that you choose. Preferably, they will crop your image to either a head or face shot but if you prefer to have more designed into the crystal, please don't hesitate to specify in the Special Instructions Section located right above the "Add to Cart" button. In this section, we give the customer the full ability to tell our designers how YOU want your crystal designed. Unfortunately, no text can be incorporated on the keychain. Our designers are trained to, usually, leave the background out of design, but if the background of your image is something that is meaningful to you and you prefer to keep it in the crystal, just specify this in the Special Instructions Section. Do keep in mind that the higher quality/resolution your image, the better the design and crystal our designers will be able to make for you.

Rectangle1.18 x 0.7 x 0.5
Octagon1.1 x 1.25 x 0.5
Heart 1.37 x 1.77 x 0.5
Square1.18 x 1.18 x 0.5